Whytbank Tower Clovenfords

Whytbank Tower – Scottish Borders Haunted Towers

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1 November, 2017


A man investigates the eerie Whytbank Tower, Clovenfords in the Scottish Borders with some alarming results.

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Whytbank Tower – Scottish Borders Haunted Towers

Whytbank Tower

Whytbank Tower, which was  built by James Pringle, consists of a tower house and a courtyard  which lie high up on the east slope of Knowes Hill.  The Tower was restored in 1992 as a private residence.

Whytbank Tower Clovenfords

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Whytbank Tower near Clovenfords is a rather dangerous structure please do not visit.



In Pictures (And a little bit further info)

Whytbank Tower Clovenfords
Whytbank Tower near Clovenfords was built in 16th Century for the family of the (Hop)Pringles – Although unlived  in the gardens are well kept. 
Whytbank Tower Clovenfords
A huge buttress added in later life possibly to aid against subsidence 
Whytbank Tower Clovenfords
The only entrance to the main tower
Whytbank Tower Clovenfords
Whytbank Tower Clovenfords
The  tower and buildings itself are very dilapidated and in a dangerous state but the main tower was rebuilt in 1992 and this stone plaque celebrates this
Whytbank Tower Clovenfords
The entrance with plaque in situ
Whytbank Tower Clovenfords
The outbuildings and courtyard support buildings are now only existent at ground level
Whytbank Tower Clovenfords
A vaulted room can be seen at the end  – possibly a food store
Whytbank Tower Clovenfords
Whytbank Tower Clovenfords
The steps into the support courtyard buildings
Whytbank Tower Clovenfords
Very little  windows appear on the tower which  suggests this was built for fortification 
Whytbank Tower Clovenfords
In the 16th century there was and act passed through parliament (‘every landed man
in the Border having a hundred pounds (worth) of land should build a barmkyn of stone and
lime sixty feet square, one ell* thick and six ells high for the defence of himself, his tenants
and goods.’)
Whytbank Tower Clovenfords
The tower merges into nature 
Whytbank Tower Clovenfords
It is unknown how much a part this tower played in the story of the border rievers, but it was certainly built for defence, entertaining and a show of wealth and power 
Whytbank Tower Clovenfords
Again the lack of windows 
Whytbank Tower Clovenfords
The building is currently owned by a Panamanian company – whos knows?!?
Whytbank Tower Clovenfords
The tower proudly looking over the estate of Yair and the 3 brethren where the ownership lands end 
Whytbank Tower Clovenfords
Whytbank Tower Clovenfords
The courtyard falls away to terraced gardens
Whytbank Tower Clovenfords
A great piece of architecture!

The building is very dangerous – we don’t recommend  going into the grounds but you can view it from the path beside it and take in the splendor and imagine what it was like in its hay-day!


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