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A Tale of two (Scottish Borders) Cities

In this day and age the regional area of the Scottish Borders has large townships born out of the industrial revolution – but yet, there is no place that is recognised in the sleepy, hassle-less region to be a city.

It may be strange to learn that there was once 2 cities within the Scottish Borders in the 13th and 14th centuries that were highly regarded as the centre of European politics and economy.

But what has become of these 2 great cities?

In this video we find out why once these cities existed and why now they ceased to exist with little or no evidence traces to their former existence.

Filmed on locations at:
• Smailholm Tower – near Kelso
• Berwick-Upon-Tweed – city walls, castle, train station – Berwickshire
• Roxburgh Castle – near Kelso
• Hume Castle – Between Greenlaw and Kelso
• Kelso Abbey – Kelso, Roxburghshire
• Flodden or Branxton Moor – near Wooler, Northumberland

Researched, Written and Presented by Mark Nicol
Filmed & Edited by Stuart Wilson
A “Discover Scottish Borders” Production

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