A man gets some lucky footage of a deer near Galashiels in the Scottish Borders

A man sees a drawing of 2 standing stones on-line then searches for them on the ground

The ancient town of Roxburgh lies buried and forgotten. Only 2 stone relics survive from the lost town. A man takes a look at them.

A short collage of birds in the Scottish Borders in March 2019

A man dreams of kingfishers and riverscapes

Bingo!!! finally managed to film a kingfisher in Galashiels!!!

A man hunts for evidence of an ancient drawbridge in Galashiels.

A man searches for the lost site of St Aebbe’s monastery on St Abbs Head, South Eastern Scotland.

“Put to the horn” what can it mean? A common punishment dished out to Border Reivers.

Taking a look at the interesting and macabre artefacts in Eckford Church yard.