Taking a look at the interesting and macabre artefacts in Eckford Church yard.

We look at some international pilot’s war graves in a remote corner of the Cheviot Hills, North England.

We look at Norham church and the scars left there by Robert the Bruce

We investigate Twizel castle in Northumberland. One of many castles built on the Anglo-Scots Border to protect from marauding Scots armies.

The Black Douglas in the new Netflix movie Outlaw King

While out filming I get a lucky shot of a buzzard

A look at 3 mysterious standing stones in the Yarrow Valley, Scottish Borders....what do they mean??

A look at the enchanting and magical yew trees on the Traquair house estate in the Scottish Borders.

A look at Cauldshiels Hill, hill fort and the stand-off with the Rink fort and Catrail across the valley

Scott’s View and Stichill Linn waterfall in the Scottish Borders Autumn