A man films the outline of Trimontium Roman Fort near Melrose during the drought conditions of 2018 with real dramatic results.

A man searches for the mark of the Roman legion Legio II Augusta hidden in a secret underground chamber called Crichton Souterrain, in Southern Scotland.


Jul 2016

Dere Street

Scottish Borders Aerial Film – Some Aerial Footage of landmarks in the Scottish Borders set to Music from Scottish Borders Band – Dere Street https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y42Mbn2AUdo

Complete genocide of the Scottish Borders people. One of the lesser known objectives of the Roman army in Southern Caledonia…..

Have you ever wonder where the people of the Central Scottish Borders came from? In this video we set out on a discovery which formed the towns of the Scottish Borders today and deciphered their placement. Set in the time the Jesus was born in the Eastern world we find out exactly what was going on in the area that became known as the Scottish Borders.