Dobies Grave – A pipers resting place Remote, ancient, mysterious graves of unknown pipers are scattered across the Border Hills, from Galashiels to Innerleithen to Ednam. What are the legends behind these graves? What is the connection between them? And most importantly…what is the truth? We try to find out……   Researched, Written and Presented by Mark Nicol Filmed & Edited by Stuart Wilson A “Discover Scottish Borders” Production Music

In this day and age the regional area of the Scottish Borders has large townships born out of the industrial revolution – but yet, there is no place that is recognised in the sleepy, hassle-less region to be a city. It may be strange to learn that there was once 2 cities within the Scottish Borders in the 13th and 14th centuries that were highly regarded as the centre of

The Poems of Will H Ogilvie Will H Ogilvie was born at Holefield Farm near Kelso, Scotland in 1869. His adventurous nature drew him to Australia when he was 20 where he spent twelve years in The Australian Outback. He became an accomplished stationhand, drover and horsebreaker. He displayed yet another of his talents making a name for himself as a writer of romantic verse of his adventures in the