On Friday 17th August Mark met with Craig and Becci Speers and their family to trace the family roots of her Armstrong family. They now reside in Southport and were keen to find out how their family ended up in that area.

Whitslaid Tower, Lauder, Berwickshire situated just of the A68, 2 miles south of Lauder

Mark met students from Borders college studying Scottish Borders History and took them to a scary and dark place.....

Some pictures of our visit to Soutra Aisle

A man investigates the eerie Whytbank Tower, Clovenfords in the Scottish Borders with some alarming results.

In pictures - Buckholm Tower and a Ghost Story

In pictures - Our visit to Old Melrose WW2 Bunker

Yester castle was build in the 1260s. Although in East Lothian in was considered a stronghold in the wars of independence and served as a Border Stronghold.

Modern Studies show how Border Reviers survived so well Border Reivers: From the late 13th century until their gradual demise in the 17th century the barbarians that became known as the Border Reivers may have developed such technologies that aided in their ability to survive and establish a network that may of died with them.   It their 3-400 years of existence many generations of Border Reivers have passed down