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We are a community focused website and social media stream that is dedicated to providing historical and interesting information from the region of the border between Scotland and England. We also have a secondary focus of wildlife and promoting what this regional area has to offer in such ways as tourism.

We provide this historical and interesting information in the form of video production, blog posts and social sharing of the likes of links, photos and other videos of interest.

We are not a company or affiliated with any body. We operate this website as a solely community interest and as a pastime for the content creators.

Our Progress

Individual Website Visits

Launched February 2016

*Information up to 19th May 2016

Views of our videos

From September 2015

Facebook Page Likers

Launched September 2015

We also have a Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest and Snapchat account that are growing in membership all the time.

We release our content in a number of ways:

  • Linking to our website displaying content (from Social Media etc.)
  • Direct upload to YouTube
  • Direct upload to Social Media

We also allow for the sharing of our content over a number of streams that allow for continuous traffic visits to all our associated media channels. We also periodically re-publish content from previous publications to reach a wider audience.

Our Demographics

Average website visits per month

United Kingdom 3,595
United States 308
Canada 85
Australia 61
(not set) 38
New Zealand 22
Spain 16
Germany 13
Netherlands 13
France 9
Ireland 9
South Korea 7
China 6
United Arab Emirates 6
Cyprus 5
Hong Kong 5
India 5
Portugal 5
Russia 5
Sweden 5
Austria 4
Brazil 4
Malta 4
South Africa 4
Vietnam 4
Afghanistan 3
Croatia 3
Dominican Republic 3
Italy 3
Japan 3
Egypt 2
Greece 2
Iceland 2
Israel 2
Norway 2
Somalia 2
Taiwan 2
Argentina 1
Azerbaijan 1
Bahrain 1
Bulgaria 1
Cayman Islands 1
Colombia 1
Denmark 1
Hungary 1
Iraq 1
Jamaica 1
Jersey 1
Kenya 1
Mongolia 1
Nigeria 1
Romania 1
Slovenia 1
Turkey 1
Ukraine 1

United Kingdom Split

  • Scotland
  • England
  • Wales
  • Northern Ireland

UK Regional Split

  • Scotland - England Border Region
  • Edinburgh
  • Outside Scotland - England Border Region

Video and Post Data

Average Video Views

Based on view across a number of channels

Average Facebook Reach

Post reach is the number of people who have seen a post. A post counts as reaching someone when it’s shown in News Feed

Average Monthly Postings

Based on posting videos, blog posts, links and photo sharing


We are currently seeking sponsorship as a we wish to evolve our community interest.

As you know we do this off our own back and we love doing this, but it has become apparent that this has grown arms and legs, and people really love what we do.

Sponsorship will go towards running our website and making our videos bigger and better.

As I am sure you have seen the content we produce and the above figures show there is great potential to get an return on your investment and see the community interest grow at the same time.

For your sponsorship we can offer the following in return:

  • Website Side Bar Banner Advert
  • Social media sharing
  • Video brand placement/mention
  • Sponsorship banner at start and end of our videos

Ideally our sponsors would have a real heart for the Scotland – England Border Regions and potentially be in the industry of tourism or developing these regions.

If you would like to become a sponsor or find out any more information please drop us a line below.

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