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Discover Scottish Borders is a website and social media stream to showcase the intrepid explorers of the Scottish Borders and the borderland between Scotland and England. We cover the Myths and legends as well as strange places – We also have a love for the wildlife that frequents this area! Our website is for everyone who has a connection with the Scottish Borders, whether you live here, have visited (or even want to visit), your ancestors came from here or if you just like the look of this beautiful region!

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About the Scottish Borders

Technically, as it stands today the Scottish Borders is a council areal formed in 1975 – Although our website is not to be confused as solely concentrating on the council area but rather the whole of the Anglo-Scottish border area that has seen some of the most extravagant moments in history of the British Isles
Historically, the term Borders has a wider meaning, referring to all of the burghs adjoining the English border, also including Dumfriesshire and Kirkcudbrightshire — as well as Northumberland, Cumberland and Westmorland in England.

Roxburghshire and Berwickshire historically bore the brunt of the conflicts with England, both during declared wars such as the Wars of Scottish Independence, and armed raids which took place in the times of the Border Reivers. Thus, across the region are to be seen the ruins of many castles, abbeys and even towns.
The Scottish Borders has seen evidence from Pictish tribes, Roman Strongholds right through to important battles and documented papers that played a vital part of the several Wars of Independence.

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Guided Tours

We are able to offer private guided tours that are specifically themed to take in the great myths, legends and tales of the Borders Region and beyond.

Experience first hand the grandeur of these places and take in the knowledge from your guided tour and explore the many unknown and forgotten about aspects of the area of the Border Lands.


Mark is also available to provide talks for groups who are interested in the history of the Borders Region.

As you can see Mark has a real passion for the unknown and forgotten history and presents his videos in a unique way to engage an audience and bring a fun way of keeping the Borders Spirit alive.