Video Commissioning

What we are?

Discover Scottish Borders is a website and social media stream that focuses on the regional areas that surround the Scottish and English border.

We produce content in Video, Bloggings and Pictures that focus on history, wildlife, tourism and general culture of these areas.

We are not a company or a money making entity and our content is created out of love and passion.

Our biggest video productions have reached world wide audiences, and although not professionally made these have made waves and have grabbed the interest of a community.

Some of our greatest video productions to date:

What we are looking for?

We are looking for clear cut ideas which can deliver quality informative media to our community of interested people.

We love to solve a mystery of locality to a town, or document findings from a historical event that is a bit patchy in its combined knowledge.
We also love the chance to showcase wildlife or the beauty and spectacular of our region.

We are happy to partner with bodies to compliment their media goals – we have a very much developed style of presenting and production that impresses an audience.


We are happy to listen to your ideas and develop our findings around this to put into a video production at a latter date.

Any way drop us a line below where we can develop ideas together.

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