A man investigates the eerie Whytbank Tower, Clovenfords in the Scottish Borders with some alarming results.

In pictures - Buckholm Tower and a Ghost Story

In pictures - Buckholm Tower and a Ghost Story

In pictures - Our visit to Old Melrose WW2 Bunker

Yester castle was build in the 1260s. Although in East Lothian in was considered a stronghold in the wars of independence and served as a Border Stronghold.

Modern Studies show how Border Reviers survived so well Border Reivers: From the late 13th century until their gradual demise in the 17th century the barbarians that became known as the Border Reivers may have developed such technologies that aided in their ability to survive and establish a network that may of died with them.   It their 3-400 years of existence many generations of Border Reivers have passed down

William Leggat of Cavers A different kind of Statue in the Scottish Borders William Leggat of Cavers was a simple-minded lad who lived in in the 1700s. Willie worked at Cavers House, though he doesn’t seem to have been paid. However Lady Cavers is recorded as giving Willie’s sister “12/- for a new suit, 2/- for the making of it and 1/6 for a pair of shoes”. In other words young

The Poems of Will H Ogilvie Will H Ogilvie was born at Holefield Farm near Kelso, Scotland in 1869. His adventurous nature drew him to Australia when he was 20 where he spent twelve years in The Australian Outback. He became an accomplished stationhand, drover and horsebreaker. He displayed yet another of his talents making a name for himself as a writer of romantic verse of his adventures in the

Talla Reservoir A man made beauty in Scottish Borders In the days I used to work night shift, after a stressful nights work I often found myself taking off in the car to follow the route of what I call the 3 reservoirs (Megget, Talla and Fruid). There was something about travelling out of the townscape towards St Marys Loch – even this area felt too occupied to sooth my

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